How to Stop a Kitchen Fire Without Fire Extinguisher?

kitchen fire

Kitchen fire and no extinguisher in hand? Here are what you need to do.


For someone who spends most of their time in the kitchen, at one point, will be confronted with a kitchen fire. The most common cause of the incident is grease as this substance is a common flammable item in the kitchen. A grease fire can make even a skilled chef into shock.

Dumping even a bucket of water will not help you but it can make a situation even worse, be calm and find something that can soothe the kitchen fire.

But remember, if the fire is way above yourself, do not hesitate to evacuate. Call the emergency department for help! When a fire in a kitchen occurs, you need to act fast! This is to make sure to keep the fire from out of control.


Follow these steps on how to put out a kitchen fire if you did not have a fire extinguisher nearby: 


  1. If a fire starts from the microwave or the oven; or any other electrical appliances, keep the door closed. Fire can suffocate from the lack of oxygen.
  2. If the fire kitchen starts from the cooking pan, thrown in a damp blanket into it. Immediately turn off the stove and move away from the burnt pan.
  3. Never ever use water and hoping the fire will extinguish. This is because water repels grease. Hence, it will spread the fire by splattering the grease around.
  4. Do not fan the flames using an apron, towel, or other clothing. It can be spread and make it worse.


Got no fire extinguisher in hands? Grab these ingredients instead:


  • Salt

Pour salt into the burning item. It can absorb heat – for about a cup of salt, it can extinguish a decent amount of kitchen fire.

  • Baking soda

Baking soda too can put out the kitchen fire. This ingredient releases carbon dioxide and next, smothering the flames.


Bear in mind, you CANNOT put off kitchen fire with these kitchen ingredients:


  • Water

Water cannot extinguish the fire. Remember, oil and water do not mix together. Water can splash and spread drops of burning oil, making grease fire even bigger.

  • Sugar

One of the natural properties of sugar is, it can flame and burn easily. Let’s take marshmallows during a campfire or the Brulee thingy, their main ingredients are sugar, right?

  • Flour

Do not put everyone’s lives including yourself at a huge risk by throwing fire into a fire. It could be ignited, making the issues worse. Flour is not acting like salt and baking soda as mentioned above.


This is just a basic step; the first method if the fire is not that massive. As being told, if you cannot extinguish the flame, call for help in a nick of time. By taking good care of spilled oil in the stove, microwave, and oven. It can help to prevent ignition.


At AITO, you can consult our expert for advice on fire safety, risks and regulatory compliance. We provide 24/7 support to our customers and we will provide after-sales services for up to one year.


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