Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance

fire sprinkler system

Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance

Whether residential or commercial, a fire sprinkler system should be installed by a certified company. The components and the hardware of the fire sprinkler can be installed – only with the approval and tested by the certified third party.

Bear in mind that, only the standard type of fire sprinkler can be installed. In the installation process, there are a few things that should be considered; the main things are – the position of existing pipework, electrical fittings and water pressure. Of course, water storage is needed as the supply to the fire sprinkler system.


The systems should be checked and inspected as being a guide in an NFPA 25.

What is NFPA 25?

It is a baseline for maintenance, inspection and checking of water-based fire protection systems by the National Fire Protection Association.

Basically, the NFPA 25 guideline is compliance that helps the occupants to act fast and making an effective response method during the fire emergency. It helps to maximize the integrity of the system in order to avoid failure.

In fact, an inspection should be performed annually towards every one of the fire sprinklers parts.

The parts required for maintenance and inspections are:

  • Every four months, test the control valves and alarm.
  • Other parts like fittings, signings and pipes should be checked annually.
  • While, every five years, do an internal inspection for fire sprinkler system
  • Full testing and tagging that includes fire pump, anti-freeze concentration, alarm test and water flow should be done every year.
  • Test for mechanical devices should happen quarterly.

In this part, it is important to choose and consult with the right company for your premises’ fire protection system. So, that they will install a correct fire sprinkler system into your property.

Besides that, they will also perform the regular inspection and maintenance needed.



Ideally, the fire sprinkler system should be incorporated into the building plan. Therefore, in the estimation, the cost of the installation of the system can be recovered in about 10 years – this is made through reduced disruption to business continuity and insurance premiums. For the new buildings, only 1%-2% are being used for fire sprinkler systems.


To sum everything up, there is no doubt that the fire sprinkler system can save lives during the fire emergency tragedy. As the system put out most of the fire that can possibly happen. Losses from fires in buildings that are installed with sprinklers are approximate to be only one-tenth of those in unprotected buildings.

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