What To Do If A Car Suddenly Fire

car fire


A car fire is not that frequently happened. But it doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

The incident is not meant to be taken lightly. When car fire occurs, they will bring fatalities. So, it is important to know what to do if you are facing a car fire.

The most common causes of car fire are overheated engines or leaking in the fuel system while some of them are caused by collisions. But most of them are caused by the car systems themselves. The best line of defense; to have these systems being checked often at every service call.

Keep in mind that some of the car fires may be started at a location that is not visible to the driver or the passengers. Be aware of signs that might indicate the car is on fire.


Some potential warning signs to be watching for are:

  • Rapid charging of the fuel level.
  • Increasing of engine temperature.
  • Oil or another fluid leak under the vehicle.
  • Rumbling sound from the exhaust system.
  • A smell of smoke, burning plastic, or rubber.
  • Fuses that blow repeatedly.


By any means, do not hesitate to pull over if you experienced any of the other signs mentioned above. It is better for it to be a false alarm rather than ignoring the potential cause that may lead to a hazardous situation.


If you are facing with a car fire, this is how you respond to the situation:


Remain calm

Indeed, you are facing a frightening experience but being panic will make it even harder. Take charge especially if you are having children or any other panic passengers. Verbally reassure them so that they can evacuate safely from the car.


Immediately pullover

Give a hazard signal; if there are no cars obstructing your path, quickly move to the safe place of the road.


Turn the ignition off

This step is to make sure the fuel stops flowing into the engine which may even the fire from spreading to the other part of your car.


Leave the car

As you leave the car, tell everyone to not retrieve any personal belongings. Also, you have to make sure to get every person out of the car. Move to a safe distance.


Call emergency service.

Quickly make a call to the emergency service department, once you are at a safe location. Give details about your current situation.


Wait for the authorities to arrive

Do not attempt to put a car fire out by yourself, it can make the incident worse.


Warn others 

Tell and inform the people nearby like the pedestrians to keep away from the car fire.

When facing a car fire, handle the situation with care. Please beware of your surrounding as the situation can happen anytime, anywhere, and for any reason. Car and other personal belongings can be replaced but lives cannot.

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