Fire System For Building : Fire System You Should Install In Your Building

Fire System For Building

Fire System For Building : Fire System You Should Install In Your Building

In every building, fire safety equipment should be there to handle any consequences. Whether it is industrial, residential or commercial, it is very important to have such a fire system for a building.

A fire event can be a disaster that causes great damage and loss of life. Investing in a fire safety system to install in your building can never be a bad investment.

Fire system for the building is necessary in every building in order to put fire in a controllable state before it causes serious damages to the property or even worse, endangering lives.

At the point when catastrophe strikes, fire safety equipment should be inside reach and instructions are clear on the most proficient method to utilize them so people can act immediately and accordingly if there should be an occurrence of a crisis. Consider installing fire system in your building? These are the 3 top fire safety system equipment that you should install in your building;


Fire System For Building

Smoke detector is a device that sense smoke when it occurs. Any type of combustion going on will immediately activate the smoke detector, whether it is the smoke arising from the burn of wire extension, oven or cigarette that can potentially flame fire to curtains and so on.

As this happen, the smoke detector will send a signal to sound an alarm so everyone will have the chance to exit the building or put the fire out with fire extinguisher if the flame is low.

A fire detector in other hand is a sensor that detects the presence of flame and put a respond to it. The function is to alert the residents to a potential fire event.

Response to a detected flame varies according to the installation of the fire detector. The response may include sounding an alarm, de-activating a fuel line and activating a cover-up system.

Both smoke and fire detector should maintain the function and tested to make sure it works perfectly in emergency situation.

And make sure to communicate with the control panel to ensure the effectiveness of the smoke and fire detector.


A fire extinguisher is a fire protection tool used to extinguish and control small flame. For a bigger fire event, extinguisher will not be able to cut the flame.

It is not suitable for the use of out-of-control fire event. Trainings and proper instructions by professionals need to be done to every potential user incase of emergency.

Extinguisher is handheld and consists of a cylindrical pressure vessel containing an agent used to extinguish fire.

The proper train on how to use fire extinguisher can become handy one day. Without a proper train, the equipment is rendered useless.

The fire and smoke detector alarm is just a start, after the alarm has been sounded; the next step is fire suppression.

Fire suppression systems are used to extinguish or prevent the spread of flame in a building. Suppression systems use either dry chemicals, wet agents or a gaseous substance to put an end to the flame.

Types of Suppression systems
• Water sprinkler systems
• Inert gas systems
• Clean agent systems
• Vehicle fire suppression systems both automated and manual


The requirements for marking exit routes and to have emergency lights in every building should be follow by every premise.

For the sake of saving lives, the exit signage must be visible and marked by a sign reading “Exit”. The exit signage need to be in light up mode at all times.

As for emergency lightings, it is made to light up the designated area like hallways, stairwells and every exit that lead to safe area, orderly following the plan of evacuation from the building.

Emergency lighting is also known as egress lighting. The emergency lighting system must be install and set up to provide automatic light up if there happen to be interruption to the normal lighting in the premise.

It is important for every building to have emergency lighting system and it is required in all premises including commercial, residential, educational, institutional, religious, medical and industrial building.

It is always the best to make early preparations for such emergency cases. Staying safe and always be ready to face the consequences.

You should know what to do. Your building can be save from destruction and lives inside the building can be save too. The importance of fire safety systems can not be question anymore.

If you need guide and want information on the best way to safeguard your building from fire disaster, contact us and we will be pleased to consult all your enquiries.



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