Gas Suppression System

Gas suppression system puts out flames by reducing the oxygen content to less than 15%, the level at which most materials do not burn. They are activated by a smoke detecting system that detects the presence of smoke in the early stages.

Gas Suppression System

A gas suppression system is an engineering set of equipment designed to extinguish flames by applying a material. Typically, a fire suppression system includes components that detect fires in their early stages using heat, smoke, and other warning signs.

These are linked to an alarm system, which will notify you when a fire has been discovered and will start measures to further suppress the fire. Following the detection and/or alarm, the majority of fire suppression systems will automatically apply an external material to extinguish the fire. Some fire suppression systems, however, include a manual application release.

CO2 Suppression System

Clean Agent Suppression System

Industrial Suppression System

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