How to get fire certification in Malaysia?

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Buildings in Malaysia MUST be certified before they can be used. Learn how to get fire certification in Malaysia.


Premises or buildings at high risk of catching fire must get a Fire Certificate (FC) issued by the Jabatan BOMBA dan Penyelamat Malaysia to ensure public safety. You should have an internal inspection done by a hired professional fire contractor that can give your fire extinguishers a more detailed inspection. During your annual inspection, a professional will be able to inspect the mechanical parts of your fire extinguishers and make sure everything is in order with them before BOMBA do the inspection to get the fire certification. It is important that you ensure your fire extinguishers and fire fighting system at your building is in good condition to prevent from being compound by the authority.

fire certification malaysia

Why need to get fire certification?

  1. To comply with Malaysian Standards requirement.
  2. To comply with the BOMBA requirement
  3. To ensure the building is secured to be occupied.
  4. To ensure insurance coverage if happen any incidents.

What do you need to prepare during the process to get the Fire Certification (FC)?

  1. Building Plans according to the floor
  2. Renovation Approval
  3. Inventory System Checklist
  4. Service Record
  5. Testing Session by BOMBA
  6. Post-mortem

Who is involved in the process of obtaining the Fire Certification (FC)?

  1. BOMBA
  2. Premise owner
  3. Building contractor
  4. Fire contractor
  5. Lift contractor
  6. SPKA contractor
  7. iSCADA etc

Read more on Fire Certificate Application And Renewal Guide By Malaysia Fire Department here

Should you have any inquiries, call us: 03-78314791 (office hour) or  WhatsApp us (24h) to have a chat with our Team Support. 

Get fire certification for your building immediately!


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