How to protect your Vehicle from Fire?

You should at least know how to protect your vehicle from the fire even there is no specific reason why a vehicle can burn.


how to protect your vehicle from fire how to protect your vehicle from fire

What is your preparation to protect your vehicle from fire?

  1. Maintain your vehicle electrical systems.
  2. Check fuel lines and tank. Look for cracked fuel lines, bad fuel injectors, and fuel leaks.
  3. Avoid keeping flammable materials in your vehicle.
  4. Avoid smoking in vehicles.
  5. Dispose of trash and avoid storing unnecessary items in your car. These items can lead to a fire hazard.
  6. Carry a portable fire extinguisher. A fire extinguisher in your vehicles can help you put out a small fire before it turns to major burning. 
  7. Aware for signs of an overheating engine in the meters board.
  8. Notice for cracked or loose wiring. Cracked or loose wiring is a huge fire risk, so you need to repair it immediately.
  9. Listen for unusual sounds in your exhaust. If you feel any odd sounds in your exhaust system, then your exhaust may have a blockage or damage.

You can use this 6 step to protect your vehicle from fire

What is the cause of the burning vehicle?

  1. Vehicle fires are usually caused by electrical system failures or malfunctions.
  2. While they are not that common, broken hoses can affect your vehicle or allow flammables to leak from your vehicle.
  3. You may have a blockage or damage in your exhaust if you hear any unusual sounds in your exhaust system.
  4. The cigarette holder can also cause car fire if hot ash falls onto flammable material especially if you carry a lighter.
  5. Cruise control system failure can also cause fire even after the engine is switched off.

What should you do when you realize that your vehicle is on fire?

  1. When driving, immediately stop the car on the left side of the road or on an emergency route.
  2. Turn off the car engine, and get out of the car immediately.
  3. Try to extinguish the fire if it finds that the fire is still small (early fires).

High fire crash records – Cars in 2007-2016 have the possibility of battery and burning alternators emitting flammable liquids from plastic insulation bandages and spreading under the cover engine oil that has leaking and snatching other components and causing a car fire. To prevent your vehicle from burning out of sudden, learn how to protect your vehicle from a fire.

5 Important Things About Fire Extinguisher For Vehicles.

We are glad to help you protect your vehicle from the fire.

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