Apollo Smoke Detector 58000-600MAR

The Discovery Marine Optical Smoke Detector are high-specification device using the light scatter principle to quickly detect fire while effectively managing false alarms.

  • Reliable fire detection in areas with a very wide temperature range from -40°C to +70°C
  • Five operating modes suitable for a range of applications where unique response behaviour is required
  • Drift compensation to ensure constant sensitivity
  • Ideal for accommodation decks, passages and escape routes
  • 58000-600MAR is certified to a broad range of marine approvals and is EAC approved
  • 58000-600MAR has been assessed and certified for use in a safety function, to SIL level 2





·        Bedrooms

·        Escape routes

·        Large vessels

·        Marine

Fire Type


Slow burning, smouldering fires
Default Variant No
Website Categories


Analogue Addressable


Website Specialist Applications


·        Marine

·        Offshore

Associated Ranges Discovery Marine


Colour White
Sensor configuration


Horizontal optical bench housing infra-red emitter and sensor, arranged radially to detect forward scattered light.


Weight 105g
Materials housing Polycarbonate
Materials terminals


Nickel plated stainless steel


Product length


Product diameter


Detection principle


Photo-electric light scattering.


Product length


Product diameter





Standards EN 54-7


Approvals ·        BV

·        KRS

·        DNV.GL

·        CCS

·        ABS

·        LR

·        ESC

·        MED



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