The Deluge system is designed to protect high hazard areas containing a severe fuel hazard with high heat release rate bringing a large number of open sprayers into action simultaneously in the event of fire. A typical Deluge valve system comprises a control valve, a sprinkler operated detection system and a dedicated water supply system.

Deluge valves are hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated, globe or angle pattern valve that control the water flow in the protection sprinkler system.

Deluge systems deliver large quantities of water, over a large area, in a relatively short period of time. They are commonly used in fixed fire protection systems whose pipe system is empty until the deluge valve distributes pressurized water from open nozzles or sprinklers.

Deluge systems contain more components and equipment than wet pipe and dry systems. So for that matter, they are more complex. Detection systems can include heat, smoke, ultraviolet (UV), or infrared (IR).


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