EDWARDS EST SIGA-HRD Intelligent Fixed Temperature/ Rate-of-rise Heat Detector

The SIGA-HRD is an intelligent fixed temperature/rate-of-rise fire detector. It monitors the temperature of the surrounding air and analyzes the data from the sensor to determine whether to initiate an alarm.

The rate-of-rise heat function quickly detects a fast, flaming fire. The fixed-temperature heat function detects fire when the air temperature near the detector exceeds the alarm point.

Operating voltage 15.20 to 19.95 VDC
Normal operating current 51 ?A
Alarm current 68 ?A
Vibration level 10 to 35 Hz, with an amplitude of 0.01 in.
Rate-of-rise rating 15?F/min (8?C/min) NA
Fixed temperature rating 135?F (57.2?C). Actual alarm point 129 to 141?F (53.9 to 60.6?C).
Maximum spacing 50 ft. (15.2 m) centers
Factory Mutual rating Ultra-fast Special
Compatible bases See Ordering Information
Compatible detector testers Testifire 1000, Testifire 2000 Testifire 2000
Operating environment 32 to 100?F (0 to 38?C), 0 to 93% RH, non condensing
Construction High Impact Engineering Polymer, White
Storage temperature -4 to 140?F (-20 to 60?C)
Agency Listings UL521, CAN/UL-S530, CSFM, FM approved



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