The SIGA-SB is the standard base for Signature Series detectors. It connects the detector to the signalling line circuit (SLC) and provides wiring terminals for connection to a SIGA-LED.


Wire size: 12 to 18 AWG (1.0 to 4.0 mm²)
Sizes: 16 and 18 AWG are preferred

Screw torque
Base mounting: 18 lbf-in (2.0 N·m) max.
Terminal: 12 lbf-in (1.4 N·m) max.Housing High-impact engineering polymer, white
Compatible detectors: Signature Series detectors
Accessories: SIGA-TS Four-Inch Box Trim Skirt/Ring
Compatible electrical boxes:
– North American single-gang box
– Octagon box 3-1/2 in. (89 mm) by 1-1/2 in. (38 mm) deep
– Octagon box 4 in. (102 mm) by 1-1/2 in. (38 mm) deep
– European single-gang box 75 mm with 60.3 mm fixing centres
– BESA box with 60.3 mm fixing centres

Operating environment
Temperature: 32 to 120°F (0 to 49°C)
Relative humidity: 0 to 93% noncondensing
Technical bulletin: P/N 270145-EN


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