Edwards EST SIGA-SD Intelligent Duct Smoke Detector

Standard Features: –
-Less than 2″ deep for easy installation and applications where space is tight
-4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C) operating range with 100 ft/min.to 4,000 ft/min air velocity rating assures reliability under harsh environmental conditions
-Status LEDs remain visible through clear assembly cover, -Cover monitor switch for added security
-Standard sampling tube spacing for easy drop-in migration from other detectors
-Sampling tube can be installed with or without the cover in place and can be rotated in 45-degree increments to ensure proper alignment with duct airflow
-15.2 to 19.95 Vdc operation
-Magnet-activated test switch
-One Form C auxiliary alarm relay for controlling ancillary equipment(e.g., HVAC controls)
-No special tools required for easy access to field connections
-Signature Series intelligence
-Environmental compensation with differential sensing for reliable, stable, and drift-free sensitivity
-Wide 0.79% to 2.46% obscuration/ft. smoke sensitivity
-Identification of dirty or defective detectors

Overview : –
– The Edwards Super Duct Signature Series smoke detector is the most advanced and most reliable device in its class. Designed for easy installation and superb reliability, Super Duct represents the perfect balance of practical design and advanced technology. Super Duct detectors feature a unique design that speeds installation and simplifies maintenance. Removable dust filters, informally coated circuit boards, and optional water-resistant gaskets keep contaminants away from components, ensuring years of trouble-free service. When cleaning is required, the assemblies come apart easily and snap back together in seconds. A Signature Series photoelectric sensor is incorporated into the design of each SIGA-SD duct smoke detector. This sensor inherits the power and benefits of this exceptional line of intelligent devices. Signature Series sensors gather analogue information from their smoke sensing elements and convert it into digital signals. The sensor measures and analyses these signals and compares the information to historical readings and time patterns to make an alarm decision. Digital filters remove signal patterns that are not typical of fires, which virtually eliminates unwanted alarms. WARNING: Duct detectors have specific limitations. Duct detectors are not a substitute for an open area smoke detector. Duct detectors are not a substitute for early warning detection or a replacement for a building’s regular fire detection system. Smoke detectors are not designed to detect toxic gases which can build up to hazardous levels in some fires. These devices will not operate without electrical power. As fires frequently cause power interruptions, Edwards suggests you discuss further safeguards with your local fire protection specialist.

Application – Super Duct detectors are ideally suited to duct smoke detection applications where an early indication of combustion is required within the confined space of ventilation ductwork. Its primary purpose is to provide early warning of an impending fire and to prevent smoke from circulating throughout the building. It is typically used to detect smoke in the supply side of the HVAC system but can provide supervision of the return side as well. Super Duct detectors continually sample airflow in the HVAC duct and initiate an alarm condition whenever smoke is detected. An alarm is activated when the quantity (per cent obscuration) of combustion products in that air sample exceeds the detector’s sensitivity setting.


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