EMACO Brass Fog Nozzle - UL Listed

Industrial Fog Nozzles are made of cast bronze, manufactured in accordance with UL401 to handle the rigors of industrial needs and using that water flow can be controlled from shut – off to adjustable fog, straight – stream.

Features: – Spray discharge adjustable fog (30°/60°/90°) pattern
– Operating pressure 100 psi (Maximum)
– Discharge 130/205 USGPM (Maximum) at 100 psi
– Size: Ø 1 1/2″ and 2 1/2″
– Available Threaded Inlet NST (NH) Female or NPSH Female (ANSI B2.4)
Options: – NST to BS336 male adaptor (on demand)
Application: – Used with fire hose in most industrial aplications, including hose rack and reel assemblies and Fire Hose mounted on Standpipe Systems


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