EMACO Single Jacket Lay - flat Fire Hose - UL Listed

Features: – 100% Polyester Jacket, TPU rubber lined
– Maintenance free, highly flexible and light weight
– Size Ø 1.5″ & 2.5″,
– Available Length: 15m (50ft) to 30m (100ft) with Aluminum BS336 Instantaneous coupling
Options: – can be provided in custom length with various coupling of Brass or Aluminum according to requirements
Application: – Used at fire hydrants, standpipes, and similar places and also wash down, maintenance, mill discharge, and construction

EMACO single jacket fire hose consists of plain-woven synthetic and TPU linings. The warp is made by high strength polyester staple. And the weft is high strength polyester filament with low elongation, plain or twill woven. This fire hose has very good resistance to ageing and abrasion with special adhesion between the jacket and the rubber.


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