Capacity:4,6,8,10, and 12 persons available
Certification: ABS
Storage: Collapsible
Floor: Shock absorbing and non-slip
Frame: Lightweight aluminum
Rope: Double braid poly Dacron coated with urethane with stainless wire rope center
Accessories: 20ft.stabilizer and load line included
Stretcher space: Yes
Overhead protection: Yes

Approval :

– ANAB Approved

– ABS Approved

The X-904 is the safest and most advanced transfer device on the market today. Three important features set the X-904 apart: man positioning, overhead protection, and side-impact protection.

The X904’s unique Man Positioning System provides the rider with a sense of security while still affording the ability to immediately depart from the device. As riders board the X-904, they fasten a quick-release lanyard to their work vest. The lanyard stabilizes the rider in position should he become dizzy or disoriented during the transfer.

The expanded metal top is incorporated in the design to protect the rider from falling objects and riders are on the inside of the device where they are protected by rope encapsulated stainless steel cables which form the outer rigging of the X-904.


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