5 Fire Prevention Equipment That Must Have At Home

Fire prevention equipment at home

Here are 5 things that you should at least have in your home to give your family the best chance of survival in the event of a fire. These things that you are going to read are essential fire prevention equipment at-home use that should not be compromised. These items will help you in the event of a fire by alerting you to the emergency and enabling you to deal with it effectively.

1. Smoke Detector

fire prevention equipment at home

A smoke detector is the first line of defence against fires. Statistical data has revealed that smoke detectors can reduce the risk of dying in a fire by almost half of average. Smoke detectors can detect smoke as well as invisible combusting gases present in the air. These can detect smouldering as well as flaming fires. These will allow you to take prompt action, wherein you can take measures to control the fire if it is manageable, or evacuate the house and call for help. Smoke detectors need to be installed at strategic points in the home so that the smoke detectors are evenly distributed throughout the house. It is essential to install the smoke detectors inside each bedroom and outside the sleeping area as well since poisonous gases produced in a fire can induce deep sleep. All smoke detectors in a home should have battery backup and these should be interlinked so that if one goes off, the rest go off too.

2. Fire Blanket

fire prevention equipment at home

Fire blankets for the home are normally used for small fires, most commonly when happening stove fires in the kitchen. Using a fire blanket can prevent a small fire from getting out of control by smothering it in its beginning stages. A fire blanket is an important piece of fire safety equipment for home use because the fire blanket preventing an out-of-control fire is much better than having to fight a bigger one. Fire blanket commonly found in the kitchen, the fire blanket acts by smothering the fire of oxygen when placed over the flames. The fire blanket is a simple device and could be ideal for someone not used to a fire extinguisher.

3. Fire Extinguisher

fire prevention equipment at home
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If a fire does get past the small phase, a 2kg ABC fire extinguisher will come in handy for quenching it or aiding in your escape. Our fire safety equipment list would not be complete without this essential firefighting tool. The size of a 2kg ABC fire extinguisher ensures comfortable storage and easy handling should it be needed. Children and other home residents should be educated on how to use a fire extinguisher should an emergency call for it.

Fire extinguishers can be useful in controlling small fires and preventing them from spreading. Fire extinguishers can limit the spread of fire and damage caused, till the time BOMBA arrives. Various types of fire extinguishers are available to fight different types of fire. However, for home use, it’s better to choose a fire extinguisher that can be used to put out all types of home fires. Before using a fire extinguisher at home, ensure that the room is not filled with excessive smoke, the fire department has been informed, everyone has moved out of the house, and the fire is not spreading. You need to get some training prior to using a fire extinguisher so that you can put it to good use in a real-life emergency situation. Most home fire extinguishers empty out in a few seconds, so in case the fire does not go out, you need to get back to safety.

4. Safety Ladder

fire prevention equipment at home
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Fire escape ladder can be very useful for multi-level homes. Fire escape ladders are foldable for easy storage and can be assembled quickly in case one needs to get out of the house when a fire occurs. Fire escape ladders are for situations where nothing more can be done to control a home fire. Ideally, every room that has a window you can climb out of above the ground floor level should have a portable fire escape ladder stored somewhere. The fire escape ladder will enable your family members to escape to safety if they need to. Make an escape plan and make sure that all family members are aware of it and know where the fire escape ladders are stored.

5. Fire Escape Plan

fire prevention equipment at home
Source: http://www.oafc.on.ca

This should be known to each and every member of the family, especially the kids. You should rehearse fire drills from time to time so that everyone can be better prepared to face the situation when a real fire occurs. This is an essential part of fire safety for family members.

These five items are essential in ensuring basic fire safety in your home. You and your family can rest easy knowing that in each stage of a fire, safety measures have been put into place to warn, prevent, counter, and escape from a fire emergency. Make sure your home is equipped with fire safety equipment and free of fire hazards. 

Get your fire equipment to protect your family, home and workplace from fires.




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