3 Head LED Emergency Floodlight

Engineering plastic housing to prevent corrosion and rust
Clear polycarbonate diffuser to provide maximum efficiency
Minimum maintenance
LED consume less energy
Quick and easy installation (wall mount)
Red LED ?ON? to indicate main and battery charging
Low voltage cut-off to prevent battery over-discharge

Input voltage: 240 VAC
Wattage: 1.92 W
Recharge period: 24 hours
Back-up duration: Minimum of 3 hours
Battery: 3.6V 1AH Ni-Cd battery x 2
Monitoring: Red LED ?ON? indicates charging
Light sources: 16 pcs LED chips
Colour temperature 6050 CCT
LED temperature (TS / TJ): 38? / 45?
Luminaire 230.40 lm
Efficiency luminaire/watt: 120.00 lm/watt
Total system power: 1.9W
Beam angle (deg): 170 degrees
Mode: Non-maintained
Dimension: 270mm(W) x 75mm(D) x 260mm(H)
Weight: 1.08 Kg


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