Econlite Led Emergency Light

Emergency Lighting is designed to come on when the mains fail. It is usually provided for safety reasons and to enable uninterrupted occupation of a building in times of breakdown of the main lighting. It also provides lighting for escape routes in case evacuation at a building is necessary.

The most widely used and economical systems are stored energy systems using secondary batteries specifically designed for long term stand-by use.

Mode of Operation : Non-maintained

Input Voltage : 230V+10%,50/60Hz

Rated Duration : 3 Hours

Battery Type : 4.8V 900Mah Ni-Cd battery

Lamp Used : 12 x 0.2W SMD LED

Operation Temperature : Ta50°C

Charger : Solid State Electronic Automatic

Safety Feature : Low voltage cut-off to prevent over-discharge of the battery. Incoming AC fuse.

Product Dimension : L363mm x W120mm x H83mm

Fitting Construction : Metal casing finish in epoxy powder coating

Mounting : Wall or Ceiling Mounting


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